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Thursday, February 26, 2015

February Update

The Team has been busy in the Maintenance Facility this month. The Team is nearly finished with refurbishing our benches with a brand new look. We have also tackled some building maintenance, including a lot of painting and organizing. During this time of frigid temperatures, we also do our annual deep clean. We are excited to have the facility organized in order to maximize our efficiency throughout the next year. Now, we truly look forward to spring's arrival.

Stay warm out there, only 21 days until the first day of spring!

Bench Before
Bench After

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tree Maintenance

Tree maintenance is a necessary practice on the golf course. Trees are trimmed or removed for the safety of our Team and customers first and foremost. Secondary to that, trees are maintained for the health of the tree and of the turf.   As far as a tree's effect on play-ability is concerned, we rely on subject matter experts before making any changes.

So far this winter, the Team has been removing trees that pose a hazard on the 6th hole. Unfortunately, a wind storm in late November took out the Cherry tree on the inside corner of the dogleg.  This tree had been cabled together several years ago to prolong its life, but its time had come.  We also planted several Poplar trees in front of this tree in preparation for this event.

Where aesthetics and play-ability are concerned, once a tree has been removed, we will watch this area closely for a full season of golf to determine if another tree or trees will need to be planted. 6 will be no different in this case.

Severe rotting at the base of tree above. Tree must be removed.

Friday, December 19, 2014

December Update

The winter weather this month has not been typical. Fortunately for us, we have been able to work on a few projects. The 16th tee renovation is in the final review stage.

The Team has started planting trees on the 6th hole and will move to the 8th in the coming weeks. These trees are part of our continuing plan to maximize the natural feel of the property in spite of  an area housing development.

Work on course accessories (garbage cans, ball washers, etc.) has also started. This year we are giving the benches a face lift. Stay tuned to see that transformation.

Planting Norway Spruce on 6
Planting Norway Spruce on 6

16 Tee Before

16 Tee After


Benches Dissembled 
Benches before refurbishment

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

16 Tee Renovation Update

Since the last update in late August, the bed has been graded and shaped, drainage has been installed, and the pea stone and mix profiles have been installed. The final steps are laying the teeing surface sod, installing irrigation, and laying the tee bank sod.

The conditions have been wet, then dry, cold and then warm throughout this process which makes some of these steps tough  to complete in a timely manner.  The Team, which has included some guest Team members from UMGC, has done a great job adapting to these conditions!





                                                  PEA STONE LAYER INSTALL





Friday, November 7, 2014

2014 Greens Aeration Summary

The greens are in great shape going into winter thanks to the 2014 aerification process.

Looking back, we had great weather for this season's greens aeration. The golf course was open for play with a progressive number of temporary greens each day of this three day process. We decided to try this "course-open-during-aeration" experiment for a few reasons. We wanted our customers to see our Team in action as we tackled this important undertaking. Plus, we needed more time as we decided to add an important step to our fall greens aeration process.

Deep tine machine.
This year we incorporated a deep tine aeration into our traditional hollow core aeration. By doing both processes at the same time we only disrupted the putting surface once. We were able to create a deeper channel (depths of 10") for air, water ,and sand to improve drainage deeper than the traditional 4" depth of the core aeration. This depth also allows rooting to go deeper into the profile.

We monitor and test the physical make-up of the green profile bi-annually to determine the best cultural practices. We are seeing great results using the 1/2" tines. We will continue to monitor our current program and do whats in the best long term interest of the greens' health.

Thanks to our golfers for their patience during this important process. And thanks to our Team for doing a great job! 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fall Maintenance

Fall is a very busy time of the year for the Maintenance Team. The top priority is recovering the greens from aeration and preparing them for winter. One of the ways to help promote a healthy plant is to raise mowing heights. Historically, Radrick greens are mowed .03" higher in the fall than peak season. This allows the plant more leaf surface to collect sunlight for photosynthesis. Another key area is fertility. There is a balance between over-feeding and starving the plant going into dormancy for the winter.

Right now, our greens are in prime health and offer great playability. Fertility and growth are monitored daily. Adjustments will be made for the remainder of the season to give the turf the best fighting chance during the winter months.

A big part of Radrick's beauty is found in our trees, especially in the fall. But with that beauty comes the dreaded leaf cleanup. This necessary and time consuming process takes an average of 800 man hours each season. The Team does an outstanding job doing this task day-in and day-out in the fall.

There are areas of course maintenance in the fall that don't receive the same amount of maintenance as they do in-season. Bunker maintenance and turf mowing are some of the areas that receive less maintenance in the fall. Turf is mowed only as needed during this time and the bunkers are raked less frequently. Areas the Team focus on include: leaf cleanup, turf health and the off-season project preparations. We try very hard to make the golf course as playable as possible during the fall while balancing the next season's demands.

Thank you for your on-going support of the Turf Team!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

16 Tee Renovation

We started to rebuild the alternate tee on 16 this past week. We were able to demo a Turf Stripper from Redexim to make the removal of sod a little faster. Look for updates during each phase of the project.

Before Renovation
Before Renovation 

Turf Stripper loading into dump truck.
Turf Stripper loading material from tee.

Crew working on edges
Turf stripped